Virtual Data Room – Secure Document Storage and Sharing

As more and more exchanges are logged on the Internet, more files accumulate, and so does the size of the video files. As the number of data increases, so does the ability to securely store and retrieve it with the data room provider.

Understanding of the Virtual Data Room Concept

Safe and secure data storage is imperative as the information shared and discussed may be highly confidential and not intended to be viewed by anyone. Consider how and where these files are stored. Who or what is a defense mechanism? Who has access, and how are they protected?

If an individual employee or the entire team needs to work remotely, it is easy to do so thanks to the virtual data room (VDR) and a configured remote desktop with all the necessary applications and data. And changing the location of the office when working in the cloud is not so scary because the move does not lead to a large-scale downtime during the relocation of the servers.

Virtual data rooms are increasingly replacing the physical data rooms traditionally used for document disclosure and sharing. Due to the globalization of business and increased control to reduce costs, virtual data rooms are an attractive alternative to physical data rooms. This approach of using the data room provider has important advantages:

    • Convenience: the knowledge base and educational content are stored in a single place.
    • Flexibility: the training schedule is easy to adapt; for example, you can assign courses to a specific employee or department.
    • Quality: the system generates detailed statistics that allow monitoring of the effectiveness of training. For example, you can find out about the progress of a particular employee or the average results of the tests.
    • Security: the VDR system supports domain authentication.
    • Interactivity: you can keep in touch with employees who are undergoing training. For example, you can exchange questions, ideas, and feedback in an internal chat or on a forum.

Which Abilities Can You Get with Using the VDR Service?

Integrity with the VDR service is a property of information during its processing by technical means, which ensures the prevention of its unauthorized modification or unauthorized destruction. The data room service ensures that information has not changed during storage or transmission. It can be applied to a message stream, a single message, or individual fields in a message, as well as stored files and individual file records.

Among the main abilities you can get with the VDR providers are:

      1. creation and distribution of investment documents inside and outside the organization;
      2. standards for secure settings for operating systems, databases, and network equipment used on
      3. the enterprise;
      4. monitoring of information security events;
      5. physical security management;
      6. management of mobile and external media;
      7. management of data backup of information systems and network resources;
      8. usage through the web version, desktop, and mobile applications;
      9. working offline through the desktop application.

Companies and organizations that support the VDR strategy provide employees with the opportunity to use their own smartphones, tablets, and similar equipment at work. Protection of mobile devices is becoming an important element of the global information security system of businesses and non-profit organizations. How often you backup your data depends on several factors. These include how often your data is viewed, the value of the data, and the time or resources required to back it up.